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1 in 10 adults are alcohol dependent. Most are completely unaware that they are addicted. This is affecting the performance and wellbeing of your workforce right now.

How Can I Help?

I worked in the corporate world for 25 years, and I now know that for many of those years I struggled with alcohol addiction. I functioned…I managed, but the truth is that along with millions of successful professionals, I was addicted to alcohol. The problem was, that I didn’t know I was addicted. I knew nothing about the poisonous, highly addictive drug that I poured down my throat at wine o’clock every night.

It affected my performance, my confidence, my ability to handle stress, and my relationships at home. This will be happening to members of your workforce, right now. And the problem is growing every day. 1 in 5 adults drinks harmful quantities of alcohol, and 1 in 10 is dependent. Alcohol is the 2nd most addictive drug on the planet after heroin, so it’s no wonder that consuming it repeatedly leads to addiction.



What Can You do?

Invite Me To Speak

My one hour signature speech educates and inspires as I tell my story of how alcohol affected my life. I reveal facts about alcohol that will start a shift in your employees’ minds and change the way they think about and relate to alcohol forever.

Sign Your Organisation Up To The Sober Experiment

The Sober Experiment is perfect for corporations. It’s a challenge, without being a white knuckle ride. Employees learn from video lessons, and self coach with a comprehensive Experiment Journal. They have their own private online members area to login. Open your organisation’s eyes, change the dialogue and change mindset. Bespoke packages including expert speaker available on request.

The Discover Sober Program

The Discover Sober Program is a 6 week video coaching program that takes people from being an unhappy drinker to being happily in control, and to stop drinking. This can be offered to employees confidentially, fully, or part-funded by the corporation.

Bespoke Programs and 121

I offer corporate bespoke programs with 121 support by arrangement. Please get in touch.

My Approach

Having worked in the corporate world for 25 years, I understand how organisations and people work, and change. The services of The Alcohol Coach will integrate with your wellbeing strategy and workforce development strategies.

I am honest, down to earth and professional. I spent 25 years as a management consultant, trainer and executive coach prior to forming The Alcohol Coach. With a degree is biochemical science, my programs are science-based. When people understand how alcohol hijacks our natural biology and survival instincts to keep us hooked, it makes it a lot easier to begin to look at alcohol problems objectively without judgement or stigma. In 2019 I qualified as a Wellbeing Life Coach and am a member of The Association for Coaching.