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How to Stop Drinking Safely

How to Stop Drinking Safely is a Concern for Many Drinkers Are you worried about how to stop drinking safely and remove fear? If you are dependent on alcohol you might be wondering about how to escape the side effects of alcohol dependence and the damage that you can do to your life and your…

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Most Common Lies Surrounding Alcohol Dependence

If you are searching for a solution to alcohol dependence for yourself, you have probably caught yourself saying some of these cover-up lies surrounding alcoho9l dependence. 

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OCD & Drinking: Vital Risks, Treatments, & Information

It’s very common for those with OCD to worry about drinking, and to attempt to self-medicate using alcohol. The symptoms of OCD can be debilitating and extremely difficult to lead a normal life with.

In this post, we are going to cover the relationship between the two, what risks are inherent when mixing the two, and what the treatment options are for someone that is going through alcohol dependency and OCD.

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OCD, Anxiety, and Alcohol: Everything You Need to Know

OCD and alcohol may be causing you unnecessary anxiety. OCD, anxiety and alcohol are often intertwined.

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The Alcohol Addiction Cycle

Being able to overcome a dependence on alcohol mainly depends on your understanding of alcohol, how it can be addictive, and what the cycle usually involves. In this post, we are going to discuss the alcohol addiction cycle, what happens in each step, and what you can do to overcome your dependence on alcohol. The…

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Blackout Memories: How To Remember Blackout Drunk Episodes

What Happened Last Night? Trying to remember blackout memories and not being able to can be confusing and frightening. What did I say, what did I do? These are the two questions that are most often asked. Then we may find ourselves asking, Did I make a fool of myself? Did I upset anyone? Are…

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I Blackout After 2 Drinks – What’s Wrong with Me!

Blackout After 2 Drinks – What’s Wrong with Me! Can it really be possible to blackout after 2 drinks? Yes, it can. Blacking out can be a frightening experience. Waking up to fragmented memories and attempting to string them together can be harrowing. As founder of The Alcohol Coach and ex-blackout drinker, I remember not…

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The Physiological Effects of Alcohol

Physiological Effects of Alcohol Transcript What happens after alcohol stops being consumed? What happens to my appetite? What can I expect to happen in the first few days, physiologically? And so the first thing I want to say is… please understand that all addiction is 95% psychological. So what that can mean and what that…

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Alcohol affects Values Motivation and Performance: Executives Must Listen to This

Executive and Alcohol Transcript So today’s video is for you. If you are an executive, a high performer, a high level, highly motivated individual in the workplace who is concerned about alcohol. The fact that you may be drinking too much, it’s affecting your performance. It’s affecting your motivation, your energy levels your self esteem.…

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Are you concerned about your current levels of alcohol consumption, and how it’s affecting your life?

How is alcohol affecting your life? If you are: an executive, high performer, high-level highly motivated individual, in the workplace, who is concerned about alcohol. The fact that you may be drinking too much. It’s affecting your performance, it’s affecting your motivation, your energy levels, and your self-esteem, it’s affecting the way you influence others…

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