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Is Alcohol Wrecking Your Relationships and Your Life?

If alcohol is causing your relationship problems, then I can totally relate, as I have been there too. Alcohol has caused me relationship problems, I have suffered blackouts and bouts of complete memory loss.  At times I embarrassed myself in front of family and friends with my drunken behaviour. At that point in my life, my addiction…

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The Honest Truth: Alcohol Trap Explained

Would you know if you were caught in the Alcohol trap? Alcohol addiction is a trap that we fall into. We don’t intend for it to happen and we rarely see it happening. Alcohol hijacks our brains and cons us into believing that it benefits us and that we need it. In this article I…

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Casual Drinkers: Control and Moderation

Do you class yourself as a casual drinker? The progress of alcohol addiction can take years, or decades, and sometimes it hovers on the edge for a lifetime. This does not mean that so-called ‘casual drinkers’ are not addicted. To a certain extent they are, and alcohol will be affecting their health in ways they…

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The Science Of Alcohol: Willpower, Stress and Cravings

The Science of Alcohol and Willpower Our conscious mind accounts for approximately 5% of the whole mind, with our subconscious mind accounting for a staggering 95%. That makes our subconscious mind a powerhouse, and it is the ruler of everything that we have ever learned and everything that we have learned to believe. All our…

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There Is No Such Thing as An Alcoholic

There are many terms used in relation to alcohol that for most drinkers are unhelpful and damaging.   The most significant is the word ‘alcoholic’. The word alcoholic labels a person, and once labelled, they carry it for life. The word alcoholic (even high functioning ones), conjures up an image of somebody who has hit rock…

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A Bright Fabulous Living Sober Future. Be Sober For Life

As a confident non-drinker you will have so much more rewarding relationships, you will enjoy better health, you will be calmer than you could have imagined, and you will be more capable and able to deal with the challenges in life in your sober future.   You will be able to go out in the…

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Is Self-Sabotage Stopping You From Quitting Alcohol?

Self-sabotage is one of the things that got us caught in the cycle of alcohol addiction in the first place and it can come in all shapes and guises.
As with everything I teach at The Alcohol Coach, knowledge and information is the key.

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Alcohol: When Is the Right Time to Make a Change?

If you are anything like I was you’ll be waiting for the perfect set of circumstances, and the most perfect time when everything is most beautifully in alignment before you start to try to make a change around alcohol.

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Ending Lockdown Drinking

For millions around the world, lockdown has gone hand in hand with ‘lockdown drinking’, and as restrictions are beginning to loosen, you may be finding yourself wanting to do something about that.

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Am I An Alcoholic?

As founder of The Alcohol Coach, this is the question I am asked most often. It is also a question full of dread, and connotations of down and-outs on park benches drinking out of paper bags. It’s a question loaded with social stigma, and so of course it makes us feel incredibly uncomfortable and fearful.  

The question is very easy to answer.  

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