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Book: Your Call with MeLet's put a plan together to meet your goals

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Book: Your Call with MeLet's put a plan together to meet your goals

Totally discrete, supportive call, from a friend who has been there too!

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What to Expect on Your Call

The first thing that you can count on is a reassuring and friendly voice at the end of the phone. It's a little bit of 'feel the fear and do it anyway' when it comes to nerves. Every woman who comes on a call feels better at the end of it. Some feel better the second that they hear my voice! Like a reassuring hug from a friend.

You will have questions and no doubt there is some confusion - we will clear that up for you. I will help you develop a plan for a way through to being happy, present and living your best life.

You will feel supported, and understood, and you will leave feeling uplifted and confident that you have a plan to take you to a bright, grounded and happy future.

Michaela is a Fellow of The Association for Coaching, A Master Mindset, Life and Executive Coach, and Member of the International Coaching Federation.


"Thank you for the call today. I feel so much better about myself already. Just knowing that there's nothing wrong with me has given me so much hope"


"For the first time in years, I feel genuinely hopeful that I can make change around alcohol. I can't wait to get started on my life expansion. I'm nervous,  but this is my life, and this is my time. I'm ready"



Thank you so much! I came on the call feeling so low and confused, and now I'm buzzing. I have a plan!

Thank you so much! I’m so thankful that you are willing to share your story to help others.



Hi Michaela, Thank you so much. Your program has been the best thing ever for me. Changing my thoughts with your techniques has been amazing. 105 weeks and no alcohol. Don't even miss it. I feel free, happy and in control of my life for the first time ever. I have suffered anxiety since I was a child and have used alcohol as a coping tool since I was very young. I am almost 60 and now realise how the alcohol has only enhanced my anxiety all these years. I am now virtually anxiety free. I have never!!! felt this good. A million thank you's!!!!!!!



I’m seven months alcohol free today so just thought I’d share. I’m pleased with my progress and truly believe if I can do it anyone can. So, be proud of your successes and be kind to yourself if a hiccup occurs. That’s all it needs to be ‘just a hiccup’. Thanks again Michaela. You and your programme have help me change my life.



Hi Michaela
Wow, I haven't had a drink for weeks and feel really proud of myself. Gradually losing some weight and now able to follow a sensible eating plan to lose more. Thanks for introducing me to these concepts. I'm feeling very grateful to you for enabling me to take control.

Cheers, Penny


Hi Michaela. I drank at home alone for so many years while functioning with the rest of my life outwardly. Inwardly I was sinking lower until I came across you. I haven’t had alcohol for over 13 months and have no desire for it either! Thank you.