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Totally discrete, self-study program for changing your relationship with drink.

Imagine being completely free from problem drinking in 10 days from NOW. How will your life change when you have control, choice and power on your side?  You are done with the misery of alcohol. You have drawn a line in the sand, and things have to change. Now it’s time to leap forward to your future. For less than one month drink's cabinet investment, you can get your control and your life back!

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Join Discover today, and start unfolding the Key to a joyous life away from the problems of alcohol.

This is the ultimate discovery, learning, take a break and break-free program for alcohol issues.

This is not just about changing your relationship with alcohol. This is about diving into your full and active life. Being motivated and joyful without alcohol occupying thoughts and robbing your time. Imagine not even thinking about alcohol! That might be hard right now but imagine the freedom in alcohol becoming insignificant, so you can take it or leave it.


Get Control Over Alcohol In The 10 Day Science-Based Coaching Program

Discover the most present, loving, healthiest and productive version of yourself with 1 simple change. 

In this 10-day self-paced coaching program you will uncover DISCOVER layer by layer as you discover your confidence and get your power back from alcohol. Experience the mindset paradigm shift as alcohol will becomes insignificant in your life. 

Follow my ground-breaking process, The Science of Transformational Freedom through Workshops, Guided Imagery Relaxations Recordings, and Your DISCOVER Journal.

Join The DISCOVER Community of likeminded successful women who are learning how to quit alcohol and are changing their life story as easy and naturally as putting on a gorgeous silk dress.

Rediscover yourself your relationships and your life.

When You Join Discover today, You Get Full and Immediate Access To:

What You Get In Discover: 10 Days to Happy Sober 

  • My Entire Process to Break Free Step by Step and:
  • Overcome your fear and doubts
  • Never need to use willpower again
  • Unravel from Social and Personal Conditioning to Drink
  • Learn how to socialise and what to say and do in a social setting
  • FREE BONUS: Your Clarity Check Assessment Tool
  • FREE BONUS: Two Guided relaxation hypnotic recordings
  • ​FAST ACTION BONUS: I Don't Want to Drink Tonight Recording

Winning Discover Sober Community

Imagine having hundreds of mentors in your pocket? That's exactly what you're getting with this course. Customers frequently tell us that the graduate community group ALONE is worth the investment.

You have an entire community, an entire family here to ensure you get to that point where you are alcohol-free and happy with it.

"I use my journal every day, and I've also filled a whole notebook with handy notes and tips."

"I love my emergency recording. I just started the program and used it last night. I didn't drink and this morning I am so proud of myself"

Journal love...

"I fell asleep listening to Day 7 relaxation recording every day this week! I feel completely differently about alcohol already."

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Thank you so much! The insight you have shared has changed my life! I have a new-found confidence and been able to leave behind the guilt I felt with alcohol.
Being sober has given me the extra confidence to go forward with my dream, without feeling like I’m living a double life.
I know that reaching out and “paying it forward” is the most rewarding thing in life that I can do!
Thank you so much! I’m so thankful that you are willing to share your story to help others.



Hi Michaela, Thank you so much. Your program has been the best thing ever for me. Changing my thoughts with your techniques has been amazing. 105 weeks and no alcohol. Don't even miss it. I feel free, happy and in control of my life for the first time ever. I have suffered anxiety since I was a child and have used alcohol as a coping tool since I was very young. I am almost 60 and now realise how the alcohol has only enhanced my anxiety all these years. I am now virtually anxiety free. I have never!!! felt this good. A million thank you's!!!!!!!



I’m seven months alcohol free today so just thought I’d share. I’m pleased with my progress and truly believe if I can do it anyone can. So, be proud of your successes and be kind to yourself if a hiccup occurs. That’s all it needs to be ‘just a hiccup’. Thanks again Michaela. You and your programme have help me change my life.


You've Got Questions... I've Got Answers!

Everyone is terrified of trying and failing - we've been conditioned to believe that failure is something to be avoided at all costs, and proof of our inability. Those who are successful are those who dare to despite their fear. Success is built through failure. The Discover Sober Program builds your capability and shows you a way to succeed without the need for willpower, pain or fear.

Hi Michaela
Wow, I haven't had a drink for weeks and feel really proud of myself. Gradually losing some weight and now able to follow a sensible eating plan to lose more. Thanks for introducing me to these concepts. I'm feeling very grateful to you for enabling me to take control.

Cheers, Penny

Hi Michaela. I drank at home alone for so many years while functioning with the rest of my life outwardly. Inwardly I was sinking lower until I came across you. I haven’t had alcohol for over 13 months and have no desire for it either! Thank you.