Let's talk About Rapid, effortless and sustainable change

I invite you to book a call

I invite you to book a call where you will find reassurance, we will talk through what you what you want to achieve, and together we will vision how to get you there.

During the call we will develop a blueprint for change, just for you....

I’m Michaela Weaver & I’m here to tell you that:

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    Society has alcohol wrong in almost every possible way, and if you have been blaming yourself for problems that alcohol is causing in your life, that’s very good news for you.

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    You are perfect as you are and that you have all the inner resources you need to break free from alcohol problems and the limits in life that it creates.

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    And you can do so with ease, and even better, you will be so much happier when you do!


This isn’t just about stopping drinking, or solving a problem… it is about turning up the volume, brightness, and texture of every element of your life.

Can you imagine that, right now? Like a dark cloudy, heavy day, and the clouds open. They are white and billowing and bright in a blue sky. It’s like that. Only it's better!

Maybe alcohol is limiting you at the moment, and if that is the case, it is also limiting your life.

We are moving through a pivotal change in our world. This is a new era, with new pressures, and you are needed to be authentic, and to live true to your profound values. You are a person others follow for support, ideas, encouragement and support, and the place to start is here, with YOU.

There is no time to waste!
Your time is now. Let's talk.

Medical Disclaimer: This training is NOT aimed at any person who suffers from alcohol dependency or any other medical conditions. If you are (or suspect that you may be) alcohol dependent or are suffering from any other medical conditions, you must seek specific medical advice from a medical professional before reducing or stopping your alcohol intake.
Depending on your previous level of alcohol consumption, the physical consequences of stopping abruptly can be very serious. If you or someone you know needs more immediate support or treatment to reduce your alcohol intake, please contact your doctor or healthcare professional.
The information provided in this training does not replace individual medical advice, or any other type of traditional support/therapy. Michaela Weaver coaching is an additional support resource to help you make changes to improve your lifestyle.