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with Michaela Weaver, The Alcohol Coach.  Master mindset breakthrough coach, scientist, TED Speaker and Best Selling Author

Implement The Social Secret! 5 Steps to Solve alcohol problems, get your power back ... ...and why what you've been trying until now hasn't worked.

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    The simple shift in mindset that will radically change how you think and feel about alcohol

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    How willpower fails us and why you are not to blame for alcohol problems

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    How we fall into the alcohol trap and how discovering The Social Secret gets us out!

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    The shocking truth about why alcohol causes you to feel guilt, remorse and anxiety

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    How I broke free with The Social Secret and how you can too!

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The Social Secret Masterclass for Women

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hi there,

I'm Michaela Weaver

As the creator of the global phenomenon, The Science of Transformational Freedom, I work with high-achieving successful women guiding them to discover the joy of life with awareness of The Social Secret. Here they reclaim their power from alcohol to live with unparalleled authenticity – living every moment of their lives with crisp, fulfilled clarity.

I know exactly what it’s like to be addicted to alcohol, yet still function in society behind a mask, and be that ambitious, successful high performance woman in the workplace - outwardly accomplished, but inwardly struggling with failed promises and morning regret.

For a long time I asked myself, ‘Should I give up alcohol? How do I give up alcohol? What if I don’t like being sober?’ Just the thought of those questions conjured up images of a lesser life, boring, and uninspiring. I now know that these were all the wrong questions to ask and from the wrong perspective.

But that was before I discovered The Science of Transformational Freedom and The Social Secret.

The Social Secret Masterclass for Women

Medical Disclaimer: This training is NOT aimed at any person who suffers from alcohol dependency or any other medical conditions. If you are (or suspect that you may be) alcohol dependent or are suffering from any other medical conditions, you must seek specific medical advice from a medical professional before reducing or stopping your alcohol intake.
Depending on your previous level of alcohol consumption, the physical consequences of stopping abruptly can be very serious. If you or someone you know needs more immediate support or treatment to reduce your alcohol intake, please contact your doctor or healthcare professional.
The information provided in this training does not replace individual medical advice, one-on-one professional therapy, or any other type of traditional support/therapy. Michaela Weaver coaching is an additional support resource to help you make small changes to improve your lifestyle.