Journey To Freedom with The Alcohol Coach

Are you wanting to take a break from alcohol, get back control, or even stop drinking completely, and are you wondering how to go about doing that?

Since 2019, I have worked with thousands of intelligent, capable women over 40 helping them to do just that. Together we have seen, navigated and learned from all the pitfalls that there are in the journey. We have worked through fear, self sabotage, shame and guilt. We have worked through successes, wobbles, feelings of failure, and euphoric freedom. We have navigated breaks, never-agains, weddings, holidays, lunches and work do’s of every imaginable shape and size. We’ve done it. I know it, and what this means is that if you are an intelligent woman who wants an intelligent way to get control of drinking that empowers, enlivens, and frees you, then you are in the right place.

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A Is for Alcohol but Also Action and Agency

I bet you thought I was going to say A is for ‘alcohol’, or maybe ‘addiction’. Am I right?

I think I have a better A for you.

‘A is for Agency’

This such a powerful word, I love it! And do you know why?

Because no one ever made a conscious change without it.

It’s like a magic key.

I didn’t have it for years when it came to alcohol. I mean years… 

I carried a secret drink problem around with me for decades.

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Alcohol Coach

As the founder of The Alcohol Coach, its my job to coach clients, train them, educate and encourage them away from a life where alcohol causes problems, and where they are stuck in a growing cycle of addiction.

An alcohol coach isn’t the same as a counselor. I take people from where they are now and move them forwards to a place they want to be. We start from day 1 and move forwards. It’s often said that a coach takes people from the dark into the light, and that’s a great way to think about alcohol coaching and my job as an alcohol coach.

I am also an alcohol teacher who provides learning and information to help people make sense of the alcohol conundrum, and that is so important because there is a dearth of misinformation out there about alcohol and addiction.

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