“…because people get addicted to addictive substances!”

Solve Alcohol Problems Easily

Get control by changing the way you think and feel about alcohol forever!

The Alcohol Coach is here to offer education, advice and support to help people get answers to the questions and confusion around alcohol to take a break, or stop drinking permanently.

Core Services

The Discover Sober Program

The Discover Sober Program is my 6 Week signature program for lasting change in your relationship with alcohol. This is an online video coaching program following the 5 Stage CBC™ System, and is fully comprehensive. You have lifelong access to the program video workshops, coffee time coach sessions, online community, workbook, hypnosis and more.

The Sober Experiment

The Sober Experiment is my bite-sized introduction to alcohol education and experimenting with living sober. This mini online course has 4 short workshops, and an Sober Experiment workbook journal.

The 4 Month Celebration Coaching Program

The Thrive Sober Celebration Program is my premium personally mentored and supported program. It is opened a few times each year for action-oriented people to join and receive live 1:1 and group coaching and mentorship direct with me over 4 months to stop drinking, adjust and celebrate life sober.

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1-2-1 Coaching Package of 6 Sessions - For alcohol/Life

If you would like direct 1-2-1 support through a coaching package of 6 simple sessions, let’s chat. We can tackle alcohol issues, life issues and the collision of the two. I only a few one on one clients each year, and if I have availability you will be see space and be able to book a call.


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Hi, I’m Michaela, the Founder of The Alcohol Coach

With a BioChemical Degree and being a Masters Coach you might think that I should have known better than to become addicted to alcohol!

But alcohol is a highly addictive drug, and people get addicted to addictive substances.

This brings me here to you…You can use our services to learn about alcohol, to take a break, or to stop completely. The choice is yours.

Read on for my story….


About Me

I’d like to share with you my story of how, I knew I had to get control over alcohol. It was time to face the truth, and get sober.

 To be honest, when I was a drinker, I didn’t know that alcohol was highly addictive, nor that it was causing a pandemic of health problems for people like me.

What I did know though was that alcohol was causing problems in my relationships and my life. 

At some point in my life, drinking alcohol went from being something I did for fun, to being something that I did more often and for more reasons. When I was tired, stressed, feeling a bit down, feeling excited, happy…you name it, I’d pour a glass of wine for any reason. 

I’d control my drinking for a while, but would soon be back in the fridge at wine o’clock. I’m a strong-minded person, but my willpower always ran out.

I thought I took good care of myself, but I clearly didn’t. I suffered blackouts, nausea and awful feelings of guilt and remorse. I’d wake up vowing not to drink all week, only to be reaching for the bottle that evening, or days later.

I knew that I needed to do something and that what I had been doing to manage my drinking hadn’t worked. I had failed. I wanted to live a long and healthy life, and I knew this wasn’t the way.

Then one day my partner said that he’d had enough, and couldn’t live with me drinking anymore, and was leaving.

I knew that I needed to take action, but I didn’t know what to do. I was capable in most areas of my life, but alcohol had me beat. It was then that I stumbled across a fitness book that talked about how willpower never worked as a permanent solution for anything.

That was the light-bulb moment when I realized that I had been using willpower to try to control my drinking. No wonder I’d failed!

As a professional coach, I started to use my coaching knowledge to ask different questions. I realized that this was an addiction I was dealing with and I needed to look at the whole problem differently. I read over 100 books on addiction, neuroscience and psychology, and I can remember the moment that I realized that I’d figured it all out.

3 years ago, I went from worrying about alcohol… feeling miserable, ashamed and, pretty desperate, to being completely in control, confident and free from any of those horrible negative feelings.

I have been in control of alcohol ever since. I drink exactly what I want to, which for me is none.

My life improved in so many ways…ways I had never imagined,and my relationship survived and prospered.

So I decided to quit my job as an executive coach, go back to school and really learn about the science and psychology of addiction, and give other people THE PROGRAM that I wished I’d had. The Discover Sober Program is based on the unique 5 Stage CBC System.