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How it all started…How does alcohol become a problem in the first place?

How does alcohol become a problem for us in the first place? How do we fall into the alcohol trap? How do we become addicted? How does alcohol become a problem for us? Table of Contents How it all starts…Most early drinkers are initially repulsed by alcohol.Let’s imagine…Alcohol hijacks our bodies. How it all starts……

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Midlife Crisis And Alcohol

Women in midlife face many challenges from hormone changes, weight gain, children leaving an empty next, ageing parent, career changes, divorce, and often thrown into the mix is a growing concern and an increasing alcohol problem. Table of Contents Midlife and A Growing Alcohol ProblemThe Morning After DrinkingMidlife Crisis and AlcoholLosing a Parent and AlcoholEmpty…

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Signs of a High-Functioning Alcoholic

Have you ever wondered if your drinking is more than just a pleasant pass-time? Are you edging towards wondering if you are a high-functioning alcoholic? Let’s break that down for you. Table of Contents What do we mean by high functioning?Am I a high functioning alcoholic or am I not? What is the answer?There is…

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Can Alcohol Cause Stress?

If you find yourself reaching for a bottle or sighing with relief at a well-deserved glass of wine at the end of a stressful day, then you are not alone. Far more busy executives than you can imagine do the same thing, and many of them feel ashamed that they do. C-suite executives and busy…

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Alcohol, My Toxic Blackout Drinking, EX Best Friend

Alcohol, my toxic, blackout drinking, memory loss causing EX best friend had me conned for many years, into thinking it was an important part of my life, and that I didn’t have a drinking problem. I just liked a drink, and what was the harm in that?

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Why do we drink alcohol? Especially when we learn what’s in it.

Why do we drink Alcohol? Can you remember the first time you tried alcohol? Maybe it was a glass of wine, a spirits or a beer. You may not have liked it at first even thinking the taste was disgusting but kept going, as it was the thing to do (peer pressure) and everyone around…

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Alcohol Addiction Among High Earning Professionals – Shocking Stats

Table of Contents Why are so many high-profile professionals struggling with alcohol addictionWhy Is Addiction Among High Earning Professionals so PrevalentAre Women More at Risk From Alcohol AddictionHow Long Does it Take to Become Addicted to AlcoholSo What Is the Solution for The Alcohol Trap?If you want to learn more sign up for your free…

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Is alcohol addiction affecting your work productivity?

Is alcohol addiction affecting you and your organisations work productivity? Every day, millions of high flying successful, educated and competent career women across the globe have to cope with working not only in a high-end successful exec role (where it maybe a male dominated industry they work in and so feel the need to work…

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Drinking is Stressful

Everybody has challenging times in their lives and everybody has situations that are stressful. Some people are better able to cope with life’s issues than others. Drinking is stressful, however well you cope with life stresses, drinking will only serve to increase your levels of stress.   Consider all the aspects in your life as…

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Is alcohol causing your relationship problems, wrecking your life and making you feel so horrendous that words defy?

If alcohol is causing your relationship problems, then I can totally relate, as I have been there too. Alcohol has caused me relationship problems, I have suffered blackouts and bouts of complete memory loss.  At times I embarrassed myself in front of family and friends with my drunken behaviour. At that point in my life, my addiction…

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