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Blackout Memories: How To Remember Blackout Drunk Episodes

What Happened Last Night? Trying to remember blackout memories and not being able to can be confusing and frightening. What did I say, what did I do? These are the two questions that are most often asked. Then we may find ourselves asking, Did I make a fool of myself? Did I upset anyone? Are…

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I Blackout After 2 Drinks – What’s Wrong with Me!

Blackout After 2 Drinks – What’s Wrong with Me! Can it really be possible to blackout after 2 drinks? Yes, it can. Blacking out can be a frightening experience. Waking up to fragmented memories and attempting to string them together can be harrowing. As founder of The Alcohol Coach and ex-blackout drinker, I remember not…

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The Physiological Effects of Alcohol

Physiological Effects of Alcohol Transcript What happens after alcohol stops being consumed? What happens to my appetite? What can I expect to happen in the first few days, physiologically? And so the first thing I want to say is… please understand that all addiction is 95% psychological. So what that can mean and what that…

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Alcohol affects Values Motivation and Performance: Executives Must Listen to This

Executive and Alcohol Transcript So today’s video is for you. If you are an executive, a high performer, a high level, highly motivated individual in the workplace who is concerned about alcohol. The fact that you may be drinking too much, it’s affecting your performance. It’s affecting your motivation, your energy levels your self esteem.…

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Are you concerned about your current levels of alcohol consumption, and how it’s affecting your life?

How is alcohol affecting your life? If you are: an executive, high performer, high-level highly motivated individual, in the workplace, who is concerned about alcohol. The fact that you may be drinking too much. It’s affecting your performance, it’s affecting your motivation, your energy levels, and your self-esteem, it’s affecting the way you influence others…

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Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Alcohol Detox at Home

Typically, detox is the initial step in treating alcohol use disorder or alcoholism. Detoxification permits the body to acclimatize to the absence of alcohol. You or a loved one may be contemplating alcohol detox at home, but doing so can be dangerous. Typically, alcohol detox occurs in a hospital, detox facility, or alcohol rehabilitation clinic.…

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Staying Fine Without a Glass of Wine Every Night

Life continually upends us at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways. When this occurs, we also learn strategies to relax and cope with these issues. Numerous studies have already demonstrated that having a glass of wine every night is not at all ‘harmless,’ even though this is one of the most…

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Nightcap and Good Sleep: Does Drinking Alcohol Before Bed Affect Sleep

Alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system that slows brain function. Alcohol has sedative effects that can create feelings of relaxation and sleepiness, therefore drinking around bedtime may result in a restful night’s sleep. However, excessive alcohol consumption has been associated with poor sleep quality and duration. Those who regularly consume alcohol before…

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Looking for Ways on How to Stop Drinking Alcohol? Here are 5 Easy Ways!

Most people agree that drinking is a social activity and a way to deal with stress, but it’s more than just a temporary way to feel better. There are many reasons why you might want to stop drinking alcohol. It could be because of your health, your relationships, or just because you want to. No…

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Everything You Need to Know About Blackout Drinking

During festivities, many people will exclaim, “Let’s drink until we pass out!” In recent years, this has prompted numerous individuals to drink to the point of blacking out, an act that has earned prominence in popular culture. Alcohol-induced blackouts can impair recollection of events that occurred while intoxicated and dramatically raise the risk of injuries…

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