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The Alcohol Con:How to Outsmart it

'This is a great book and tool for retraining your brain to see alcohol in a new way!'Loretta Breuning, PhD - Author of Habits of a Happy Brain

The Alcohol Con

'Thank you so much! The insight you have shared has changed my life! I have a new-found confidence and been able to leave behind the guilt I felt with alcohol. Being sober has given me the extra confidence to go forward with my dream, without feeling like I’m living a double life. I know that reaching out and “paying it forward” is the most rewarding thing in life that I can do! Thank you so much! I’m so thankful that you are willing to share your story to help others.'

Lisa- a student

The Alcohol Con is the empowering and positive solution for problem drinking from Michaela Weaver, founder of The Alcohol Coach.

In this ground-breaking book, The Alcohol Con is exposed, and unravelled with insight and humour.

Drawing on her own experience, and with a background in science and professional coaching, Michaela Weaver paves the way for you to outsmart the alcohol con, break free and move forward.

Is drinking having a negative effect on your life?You are not alone!

Millions of strong-minded, capable women find themselves falling victim to the biggest con trick of our time – alcohol! It lures us with false promises of fun and social acceptability. Instead, we find ourselves caught in a cycle of drinking, hangovers, morning regret, and guilt.

Despite being successful in other areas of life, it seems difficult to change our drinking habits. In the face of alcohol, it’s easy blame ourselves, and believe we are unable to exercise self-control.

In this book you will learn that you have all the resources that you need, as you are guided through The Alcohol Coach’s unique process to change the way that you think and feel about alcohol. Are you ready to outsmart the con artist? Once a con trick is exposed you can never see it in the same way again!