Exclusive Private Coaching

Premium services with Michaela

Exclusive 3 or 12 month coaching packages for select clients.

I work with a handful of clients at a time

in 3 or 12 month coaching packages.

If time consuming and emotionally uncomfortable rehab and group approaches are not for you.

If you want a refreshing, and inspiring route to freedom then working directly with me gives you peace of mind, discretion and lifechanging results.

Let me help you bring your hopes and dreams alive and bring forth the true authenticity of you.

This is your life, and Premium coaching with me is designed around you.

No preconceptions, and no standard packages, because you are not standard. You want to be seen, you want to be heard, and you want to be understood.

With completely individualised support and a private package designed for you

Take your quantum leap into freedom with exclusive access to me, one on one.

Do you want to spend time with me on retreat in a quiet, peaceful location so we can work together, transform and grow?

Do you want a social event sobriety concierge service to help you get your mindset clear so that you flourish at your events as your confident, natural self?

Do you want focused, brief online access?

Do you want direct access to message me for support?

Your package will be designed with you, and for you, exclusively by me. That is how I work with premium level clients. We become a team and we do this together. I help you to rewrite your story and build your dreams. We unravel and reconstruct The Social Secret on your terms.

Your personally designed package will give you everything you need for a rapid transformation and seamless transition into your life as you bloom socially, and free yourself from alcohol.

Be heard, be seen and be supported to release emotional blockages so that you flourish and thrive with renewed resilience and no need for alcohol no matter what life throws at you!

Integrate The Social Secret into every aspect of your life and live your ultimate life. Your personalised coaching includes a social event sobriety concierge service to help you to prepare, plan and navigate even the most challenging engagements.