Breakthrough Private CoachingLife-changing transformative coaching with Michaela

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Are you ready to shine the light of freedom into your world? 

Michaela works with a handful of clients at a time

providing rapid breakthrough transformations and supportive accountability coaching packages.

If time consuming and emotionally uncomfortable rehab and group approaches are not for you.

If you want a refreshing, and inspiring route to freedom then working directly with Michaela gives you peace of mind, discretion and life changing results.

As a previous board room executive, Michaela knows exactly how to dig into what you need to free you from alcohol. Relationships, energy, money, and joy all flow from a place of ease.

This is your life, and Premium coaching with Michaela is designed around you.No preconceptions, and no standard packages, because you are not standard. You want to be seen, you want to be heard, and you want to be understood.

With completely individualised support and a private package designed for you

Over the last couple of years, Michaela has taken numerous women and men through 1-1 radical transformation. Take your quantum leap into freedom with exclusive access to Michaela, one on one.


1:1 Coaching is RIGHT for you if you are:

  • Looking for more out of life than just stopping drinking and getting by - You want to experience ALL of life and what it has to offer you. And you're seeking fulfillment and renewal.
  • 100% ready to invest in yourself and elevate your self esteem and life vibration higher than ever before.
  • 100% ready to take personal responsibility for every single aspect of your life and experience through expansion with Michaela.
  • Coachable, open minded and ready for action.

Start with your Diamond Breakthrough Transformation Day for a complete mindset shift around alcohol and walk away with a shifted paradigm.

Experience further transformations for exponential emotional strength and renewal as anxiety, stress and overwhelm dissolve.

Your package will be designed with you, and for you, exclusively by Michaela. That is how she works with premium level clients. You become a team and you do this together. Michaela helps you to rewrite your story and build your dreams. Together, you unravel and reconstruct life from alcohol, on your terms.

Your personally designed package will give you everything you need for a rapid transformation and seamless transition into your life as you bloom socially, and free yourself from alcohol.


1:1 Coaching is NOT RIGHT For You If You Are:

  • Looking for a hand-holder. The goal is to free and then empower you to master your mindset, emotions and patterns so that you can thrive without Michaela in the long term.
  • Planning to stay in victim mode and looking for blame, narrative, or reasons why things can't change. Michaela's coaching is for open-minded women wanting new discoveries.


Integrate freedom into every aspect of your life and live your ultimate life. Your personalised coaching includes a social event sobriety concierge service to help you to prepare, plan and navigate even the most challenging engagements.


Prices start at $999 for a power 90 minutes. Coaching packages are from $5555 to $18,888 for 3 months support. The full package includes weekly coaching sessions, daily contact support from Michaela, and access to ALL Michaela's content and courses.