Are You a High Achiever? Are You Also a Motivated Drinker? By Michaela

alcohol at work

I’m guessing that you are a highly motivated individual, that you are motivated to achieve, motivated to have and motivated to achieve the goal. In many circumstances and occasions, you have achieved, you have met your goals.

Whatever they might be. It’s likely that almost all you’ve attempted, has worked extremely well for you. Maybe with a couple of hiccups on the way, but you believe in that way of working, because, you are highly motivated, and all of that is perfectly normal and all of that is perfectly good.

The problem is when things like alcohol, nicotine other drugs, all become embroiled along with that. I’m going to focus on alcohol specifically for the time being. It can be applied to anything. Where we are overdoing, over drinking.

I would like to think that when you have seen through the illusions of alcohol in its entirety. You won’t see any benefit in it at all.

So as highly motivated people, when we’ve come up, upon a problem that we want to solve. We use our will, our strength of character, and our determination to solve the problem because that’s what we do.

That’s what works and if that doesn’t work, we just do more of it, we try harder, we work harder, we put more into it. We try a different way, stay motivated. So the natural aspect of motivation in human life is part of our evolution and our survival.

Everything about what we do and how we operate originates from our need to survive. Many, many of those things just don’t apply anymore. Not in the way that has been interpreted internally by us.

If you imagine our ancestors foraging, they find the berries, and they are sustained that felt good. So the next time they feel that rumble they are motivated to go and find the berries, and when they spot them they get a rush of reward for doing the work, and that rush of reward comes in the form of dopamine.

Dopamine is the motivational neurotransmitter hormone released by the brain. It is designed to keep us alive.

Without it we would have just eaten the berries, felt ok and just sat there. In fact, we might not have even bothered going for the berries in the first place. And so, the next time your ancestors went to the berries, expecting that feeling of reward, it didn’t quite come. It was a little less.

So, they were motivated to go further, forage more, and then when they found the other plants, the other roots that were multi-coloured that also sustained life they got another reward of dopamine. I see it, I want it, I’ve got it.

So had our ancestors been given the same reward for doing the same thing forever? Well, there wouldn’t have been a forever they would have died. They couldn’t have survived just on the berries from that one plant it would have run out.

There was a need to be motivated to do more, to go further. And it is that very human aspect of survival that causes it, to get caught in the Alcohol trap.

Have you heard yourself or those around you saying ‘It just doesn’t touch the sides anymore, I can drink, I can drink for the USA, I can drink for Australia, I can drink for Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada…Boy can I drink! It doesn’t touch the sides I can have 500ML of wine it makes no difference to me, nothing, just doesn’t do anything for me.’

More wine but it makes no difference.

We call it tolerance, being able to handle it. Well, I call it the basic human survival mechanism at work. Of course, you have to have more, of course, you will have less of a result.

The difference between our ancestors and the natural dopamine released for our survival they had to work, in order to get the reward, whereas all we have to do is go to the fridge, or into the cellar and crack open another bottle. There is no work, and yet we still need to have more and more, for less and less of a result.

And back to the beginning as a highly motivated, high achieving person, and those around you who are also highly motivated, high achieving…

It is likely that you would make a very, very highly motivated drinker.

Because literally, nothing is going to get in the way of getting what you want. So, the solution, therefore, does not lie in utilising the thing that gets us all of the other things that we have brought to our lives that have benefitted us, because alcohol doesn’t benefit, it is the opposite of a benefit.

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