How Can I Quit Drinking On My Own?By Michaela Weaver

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Is It Possible to Quit Drinking on Your Own

How to quit drinking alcohol on your own – can it be done?

The answer is, YES. It can be done.

There are some key things you’ll need to think about and have in place and pitfalls to avoid as well.

Millions of people fall into the alcohol trap every year, and the fact that you’ve recognised that is a huge step forward. Congratulations!

1              The first thing you need is agency!

Agency is what makes someone get up from the sofa and try to solve a problem. It’s agency that brought here.

Agency is also what will give you the desire to quit alcohol and stop drinking.

Maybe you’re feeling fearful at the moment, and that’s common. You may be fearful of being without alcohol, and think that you can’t or don’t want to live without it, and you may also be fearful of trying to quit drinking on your own and failing. Maybe you failed in the past.

Here’s the good news. Maybe you’ve been using the wrong method.

2              You Need To Use The Right Method

Everyone thinks that if you can just be decisive enough, determined enough and strong-minded enough that will enable you to stop drinking permanently. But this method uses willpower, and willpower is like a battery, and just like a battery willpower runs out, eventually.

You can quit drinking without willpower

Addiction is 95% psychological and that means that alcohol addiction sits in our brains and our minds. The solution therefore lies in working with your mind. Your decision-making part of your mind is only 5-10%, and the subconscious mind is 90-95%, and it is enormously powerful. It’s our decision-making mind that decides to stop drinking alcohol, and to quit drinking, but our subconscious mind doesn’t know or understand that, and it will want to carry on doing what it has learned to do.

This means that when we decide to quit alcohol, our huge subconscious mind will try to persuade us to carry on drinking, and that’s why we try to use willpower. It’s exhausting.

The way to overcome this is to reprogram the subconscious mind so that there are no benefits attached to alcohol, and you stop wanting it completely. Think of something that you don’t want and don’t like, maybe spinach, or going hang gliding. Would you care if you decided not to eat spinach anymore or not go hang gliding? Of course not, in fact you’d probably be delighted, especially if you’d been forced to do it before and now don’t have to. This is where you want to get to with your thinking around quitting alcohol.

Memories also play a part in holding us into addiction and especially in the early days of quitting you need to cement the bad memories of drinking in your mind.

3              Watch Out For Fading Effect Bias

You’ll need to be aware of this! Over time the negative emotions related to any event fade away, and so when we look back over our past, we think of things that were unpleasant at the time, as being not so bad now. It’s why people sometimes find themselves hankering after a previous relationship that at the time wasn’t good.

This is part of our survival mechanism. It gives us hope for the future. But beware of fading effect bias when you’re wanting to quit alcohol on your own. The bad memories of drinking alcohol fade with time, and this is when we often feel our resolve slipping with the willpower method.

4              Challenge Existing Beliefs

We need to stop believing that alcohol has any benefits whatsoever, and we need to reprogram our beliefs that have often been established over many years and decades. Think it can’t be done? You probably believed in Father Christmas and tooth fairies once, and so our belief systems do change and can change.

You can work through these things for yourself, and you have all the resources you need to make the changes in your life that you want and to quit alcohol on your own.

And on the other side of the alcohol struggle is a place of vibrant mornings, inner peace and confidence. So remember these things too. Work out your reasons WHY, and hold them in your heart and mind!

If you need help to quit drinking alcohol and thrive sober click HERE for details of my Masterclass Program.


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I’m a leader in the science of transformational freedom for women, and someone previously addicted to alcohol. I have walked the path. I understand your concerns and fears. Here you will find some of my thoughts and insights. Happy browsing!

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