The Sober Challenge Experiment


Here’s How The Sober Challenge Experiment Works…

…you make a short-term commitment to experiment with ‘sober’ and get curious

  • Watch four coaching videos to learn and grow
  • Work through your Experiment Workbook to question and explore
  • Join The Alcohol Coach Facebook Community for ideas and inspiration

Quick Coaching Lessons

Lesson 1: Clarity and Goals

Get clear on your Experiment goals, set a plan for success and feel motivated

Lesson 2: Mindset and Empowerment

Challenge the status quo around alcohol and feel empowered to experiment!

Lesson 3: Myths and Beliefs

Debunk some age-old myths around alcohol that no longer make sense and form different beliefs

Lesson 4: Sober Techniques and Tips

Learn how to get through temptation, what to say to friends, and how to chill-out without alcohol

Meet Your Coach

I’m Michaela, the founder of The Alcohol Coach and your coach and mentor for The Sober Experiment. For years I struggled with a growing drink problem and alcohol addiction. I now help people to explore and discover vibrant sober lives, just like I have. I have a degree in Biochemical Science and a Master’s coaching qualification.

Let’s Experiment!