Thrive: Learn To Love Life, Sober. The Science-based Program to adapt, build resilience and thrive alcohol-free

Totally discrete, self-study program for rediscovering the joy of who you are.

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You are done with the misery of alcohol and you have decided to put drinking behind you. But learning to become yourself without alcohol needs solid foundations. Your old self wants to come back center stage, and you have seen glimpses of her. This is your time to THRIVE! and find new ways to deal with every emotion where alcohol has let you down.

This is not any old life coach program. THRIVE is a comprehensive, science-based program that begins with an assessment against each of the elements needed to live a stabilised, happy and joyful life without alcohol.

A program steeped in wisdom, growth and authentic alignment for every woman who wants the greatest expansion in sobriety and in life.

This is the ultimate sobriety life coaching program, building on the foundation of what is needed to thrive as a woman, with your psychological needs met and your authentic power shining through.

science-based, psychological, human givens model for wheel of life

The Social Secret Wheel of Life Thrive with every need understood and met.

Discover inner peace, deep self protection, magnified growth, and an untouchable inner glow, as step by step Michaela guides you to live your best life in sobriety. 

In this life-affirming coaching program you will learn to THRIVE with mind mastery, new boundaries and authentic alignment to build your best and most powerfully fulfilling life.

Start with assessing where you are against each carefully designed element, and begin designing life on your terms as you rediscover the joy of who you are.

Join The Michaela Weaver Community of likeminded successful women who are growing if life, and finding that getting your old self back in nowhere near as good as finding the new self that was hidden within.

Rediscover yourself your relationships and your life.

When You Join THRIVE today, You Get Full and Immediate Access To:

What You Get In Thrive: The Ultimate Sobriety Life Coaching Program

  • Your initial assessment against all elements of The Social Secret Wheel of Life
  • The Inner Peace 5 Step Formula
  • The Powerful Self Protection Builder
  • The Inner Glow Game Changer
  • The Growth and Evolution Magnifier
  • Guided Relaxation Recordings for Resilience
  • Keepsake downloads, exercises audios and tools
  • Your reassessment against all the elements of The Social Secret Wheel of Life

Winning Michaela Weaver Sober Community

Track your journey through DISCOVER, SUSTAIN and THRIVE with a network of bright, intelligent, action-oriented women. Imagine having hundreds of mentors in your pocket? That's exactly what you're getting with this course. Customers frequently tell us that the graduate community group ALONE is worth the investment.

You have an entire community, an entire family here to ensure you keep focus on sustaining change.


3 years and I'm still loving my sober life! I wake feeling bright, and even though life still brings its challenges, there is never any consideration that alcohol is needed. I rarely think about drink!



Hi Michaela, Thank you so much. Your program has been the best thing ever for me. Changing my thoughts with your techniques has been amazing. Two and a half years and no alcohol. Don't even miss it. I feel free, happy and in control of my life for the first time ever. I have suffered anxiety since I was a child and have used alcohol as a coping tool since I was very young. I'm 60 and now realise how alcohol has only enhanced my anxiety all these years. I am now virtually anxiety free. I have never!!! felt this good. A million thank you's!!!!!!!



I’m seven months alcohol free today so just thought I’d share. I’m pleased with my progress and truly believe if I can do it anyone can. So, be proud of your successes and be kind to yourself if a hiccup occurs. That’s all it needs to be ‘just a hiccup’. Thanks again Michaela. You and your programme have help me change my life.


Hi Michaela
I have been alcohol-free since your coaching program, and that's coming up for three years. I don't count days, rarely think about alcohol, and am more connected to life than I have been in a very long time. Thanks for introducing me to these concepts. I'm feeling very grateful to you for enabling me to take control.


Hi Michaela. I drank at home alone for so many years while functioning with the rest of my life outwardly. Inwardly I was sinking lower until I came across you. I haven’t had alcohol for over 13 months and have no desire for it either! Thank you.