Alcohol: When Is the Right Time to Make a Change?By Michaela Weaver

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If you are anything like I was you’ll be waiting for the perfect set of circumstances, and the most perfect time when everything is most beautifully in alignment before you start to try to make a change around alcohol.

Maybe you tried in the past and it didn’t go well for you. Maybe you tried to control alcohol or to stop drinking completely and it didn’t work, and so this time you want to get everything ready and have everything perfect before you begin.

The problem, as you may well know, is that perfect time and that perfect set of circumstances never comes does it? And so we keep putting it off, and putting it off, until the next day comes and we are still stuck. One of the reasons for that is because we’re scared that if we don’t have it all perfect before we start, then there will be something about our circumstances or our situation that will throw us off course and we will fail.

Doing anything with the fear of failure hovering over us is horrible because we’re already starting off on the back foot. That’s how we think though, so just imagine what it would be like if we actually started to make a change when everything was messy. Because life is messy and if we try to do this when things are a bit untidy, and we succeed then we will know that no matter what life throws at us we have a strong foundation. And if we do flounder a little along the way, that is fine too, because it is part of the learning process.

There is nothing that we’ve ever done in life when we knew with 100% certainty before we took the journey that we would succeed. We can’t, because we have to learn along the way.

When we were tiny little toddlers we stood up and tentatively took our first steps before we could walk, and we would never have learned if we hadn’t pulled ourselves up on the sofa and taken those staggering, bumbling steps.

We mimicked and learned from role models around and we learned from other people who had done it ahead of us. We started to talk before we could talk, and our first words were gibberish that nobody else could understand except us.

Everything we’ve ever done starts off from a point where we lack knowledge and skills, and when it comes to alcohol and the conundrums around it, there is so much to learn.

Imagine a million different parts in front of you. You haven’t selected a path yet but you can choose right here right now in this moment that this is your time to begin this journey.

You don’t need to know exactly what you’re going to do or how it’s going to work, but the main decision is that things are going to change.

So, don’t wait for that perfect moment to come because the perfect moment is right now.

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I’m a leader in the science of transformational freedom for women, and someone previously addicted to alcohol. I have walked the path. I understand your concerns and fears. Here you will find some of my thoughts and insights. Happy browsing!

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Michaela Weaver

Michaela is the world's leading authority for enabling highly successful women to embrace their true, alcohol-free, authentic selves in a world where alcohol is normalised for those who are successful.Her ground-breaking science-based methods using The Science of Transformational Freedom, result in the revelation of uncovering The Social Secret®, so that high achieving woman can joyfully live their lives free from alcohol – but also thrive in all aspects of their work and personal life without it.

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