Alcohol Relapse Prevention: Tools You Can Use

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that requires continuous treatment and support for recovery. Relapse is a common issue for those in recovery, but it can be prevented with the right tools and resources. Preventing relapse is a common reason for individuals seeking treatment for their alcohol dependence. After multiple attempts at quitting on their own,…

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Alcohol Dependence Relapse Triggers: Things to Watch Out For

Alcohol dependence is a chronic condition that requires ongoing management and support for long-term recovery. One of the biggest challenges in the recovery process is avoiding relapse, which can be triggered by a variety of factors. By understanding common triggers and taking proactive steps to manage them, individuals can reduce the risk of relapse and…

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Anxiety and Alcohol: Can Binge Drinking Treat Anxiety?

anxiety and alcohol

Most people are familiar with the horrible sensation that follows the morning after a night of over-imbibing. If you’ve drunk long enough or hard enough, but before the dreadful morning arrives, the fun night and the more confident version of you comes in and plays along. Is it a hint that alcohol, even if only…

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