Hangover Headache: How Alcohol Traps Us In A CycleBy Michaela

Hangover Headache
Hangover Headache

So how does alcohol work in terms of the way it gets us caught then we are trying to get out and we can’t see how to get out and sometimes we don’t even realise that we are trapped.

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Let me tell you about this amazing new pill for headaches. It is absolutely phenomenal, have you not heard about it? Everybody is talking about it. Everybody is taking this pill for their headaches. It is, absolutely phenomenal. Not only does it relieve a headache, but it also makes you feel good. It gets rid of stress. If you are feeling a little bit tired, it will take that tiredness away as well. It is amazing. It is an amazing pill, and it gets rid of your headache, and do you know what? The absolute miracle about this headache pill is your headache. It goes away before it’s even been swallowed in your mouth. The minute that pill touches your tongue your headache goes away. Everybody is talking about it. Have you not heard? WOW.

So, you try this amazing pill, you get a headache, and you take this tablet and it’s right. The minute it touches your tongue your headache goes. It’s absolutely incredible. The next day you wake up and you have got a headache, so you take the pill again. As it touches your tongue your headache goes, stress goes, and you’re feeling good. The next day when you have a headache it’s a little bit worse and so you take a tablet and a half because, it’s a really bad headache, and your stress goes and you feel better and it’s just amazing, so you tell other people, you tell your kids about it. It’s just incredible.

A decade later, you are on five headache tablets every single day but they are still amazing they are still brilliant. Your kids are on two a day, all your friends are taking these tablets every single day of the week. It’s normal, everybody does it. The pill gets rid of headaches, and stress, it’s just incredible.

One day there is this woman you hear, who says to you. ‘Have you not heard, have you not wondered how everybody has a headache all of the time?’ And that these headache pills are being taken more and more and no it’s not genetic, it’s not your personality but have you wondered? Because here is the thing. There is a piece of research that has come out and nobody wants you to know this because the headache industry is worth trillions…

The truth is that those headache tablets are causing headaches. They are causing everybody headaches and they are causing stress, and they are taking away people’s fun. You see when you are caught in the loop of it with alcohol. It is not evident that the thing you seek it to relieve is being caused by it. Every time there is a partial relief, and the headache goes away, that tablet is automatically predetermining the fact that you will get a headache tomorrow. That is how all addictive drugs work.

Of course, there is no headache pill. It’s all a metaphor but would you want that headache pill? Would you want your children to have it? Because that’s the reality. Alcohol is a highly addictive drug. It’s a psychoactive drug. It causes stress, anxiety, misery, and headaches, it’s toxic to the human body. There are no benefits in it at all.

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