Treat Alcoholism: The Do’s & Don’ts By Michaela

Do you have an alcohol dependency (known as alcoholism) and are looking for a way to treat that dependency and get back to your old self? Alcohol, when abused, can be incredibly destructive and cause issues in your personal, social, professional, and family life.

In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the most common approaches that are taken to treat alcoholism and address some of the positives and negatives of the approaches that people often take.

What is Alcoholism?

First, let’s talk about what alcoholism is and what it can mean for people that have an alcohol dependency. Alcoholism is a chronic disorder that affects how people drink, how much they drink, and their behavior when drinking. People who suffer from this disorder struggle to control their drinking habits and the amount of alcohol they consume. They often become reliant on alcohol to cope with daily stressors or just to dull the pain of life.

Why The Alcohol Coach Doesn’t Use The Term “Alcoholism”

Though “alcoholism” is a very common way to describe what someone is going through when they have an alcohol dependency or drinking problem, it’s not a label that we like to use at The Alcohol Coach.

The reason for this is that putting a label like this on what people are going through can contribute to a feeling of powerlessness or the impression that individuals are not in control of their life or destiny.

At The Alcohol Coach, we know this isn’t true. We know that everybody has the power within them to gain control of their alcohol consumption. With our program, we show you how this is done.

The Dos

First, let’s talk about some of the best strategies for dealing with alcohol dependency.

Seek Professional Help

If you are experiencing alcohol dependency, the singular best thing that you can do to help your situation is to seek help from a program like what is offered by The Alcohol Coach. Though there are many ways to approach treating alcoholism, the most effective methods have been proven time and time again to be those that involve professional help.

This is because a certified program like ours offers an individualized approach that takes into account each person’s unique background, lifestyle, and addiction. Our program focuses on the underlying causes of alcohol dependency and provides tools and skills to help you move beyond it.

Develop a Plan to Reduce Consumption

If you want to have success in conquering alcohol dependency, it’s a good idea to have a plan for reducing your consumption. This plan should include a timeline, goals to track progress and reduce consumption, support from family and friends, and any lifestyle changes you need to make.

The Alcohol Coach helps you put a plan in place that will form the strong foundation that is needed to overcome alcohol dependence.

Seek Support From Family and Friends

For anybody that is going through alcohol dependency, it’s known that feelings of isolation and shame only make the problem worse. To combat this, it’s important to seek support from family and friends.

This can be done in a number of ways, such as including loved ones in your plans or telling friends about your plan to reduce alcohol consumption. At The Alcohol Coach, we provide individualized plans that include advice on how to tie in your family and friends into your treatment path.

Participate in Activities That Promote Healthy Habits

A great way to start changing your behavior organically is to start participating in activities that promote healthy habits and relationships. Exercise, healthy eating, and spending time with supportive people can be powerful tools in the battle against alcohol dependency. When used in combination with motivational enhancement therapy, these strategies can be very powerful.

At The Alcohol Coach, we help you develop a plan that includes activities that foster positive relationships and promote better physical and mental health.

The Don’ts

We’ve covered some of the best ways to start overcoming alcohol dependence–let’s now talk about some things that you should avoid if you want to have success with treating your alcohol dependence and habits.

Self-Medicate With Alcohol or Drugs

One thing that you’ll definitely want to avoid is self-medicating with alcohol or drugs while trying to overcome alcohol dependence. Doing this will only make the situation worse, as it can lead to addiction and other health complications.

Self-medication is one of the most common reasons for alcohol dependence in the first place. Perpetuating this behavior will only make things much more difficult when trying to overcome alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Avoid Getting Help Because of Shame or Guilt

Many people going through alcohol dependence have a tendency to feel shame or guilt. These feelings can make it difficult to seek help, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

At The Alcohol Coach, we understand that shame and guilt can be a barrier for seeking help to treating a destructive tendency to drink alcohol, so we strive to provide an approach that is supportive and non-judgmental. We want to provide a safe, comfortable space that allows our clients to open up and be honest about their struggles.

Feel Isolated

Another key reason that many people hesitate to seek out a treatment plan is that they feel isolated. Mental Health Services Administration reports that withdrawal symptoms are worse and conditions take longer to overcome when someone going through substance abuse feels isolated.

At The Alcohol Coach, we foster an environment that helps to curb potential feelings of isolation when drinking alcohol and trying to stop drinking in excess.

We provide a safe space where people can discuss their issues with alcohol misuse and struggles with alcohol dependence, while also receiving professional guidance from our certified counselors.

In addition to this, we also offer support groups that allow people to connect with others who are going through similar circumstances. This helps to make them feel connected and less alone during this journey.

Let’s Recap Do’s and Don’ts of Treating Alcohol Abuse

In summary, alcohol abuse and alcohol use disorder is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly. However, there are steps you can take to begin to reduce your consumption and start on the path of overcoming alcohol dependency.

The Alcohol Coach provides plans that include support from family and friends, activities which promote healthy habits and relationships, and spaces where people can come together and talk openly about their struggles.

By avoiding self-medication and feelings of shame or guilt, and instead leaning into supportive communities, you can start to make progress towards a healthier lifestyle free from alcohol dependency. Reach out to The Alcohol Coach today for help on your journey to recovery.


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