Tips On How To Drink Without Getting Drunk

By Michaela Weaver

Weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations are just a few examples of places when you would want to have a drink without slurring your words or repeating the same narrative for the 20th time. 

On the other hand, if you drank too much last night and are now experiencing symptoms all over your body, you might wish you never drank that night, or you might want to seek ways to prevent this thing called hangover from happening again. 

Symptoms of a hangover typically subside within a day. You could be tempted to use quick hangover cures such as a shower, coffee, or a greasy breakfast. However, one of the best ways to get rid of a hangover is to wait it out and drink plenty of water.

Understanding Hangover

We already know that when you drink too much alcohol, you get a hangover, characterized by unpleasant physical and mental symptoms. 

The severity of the hangover symptoms varies based on the individual and the type and amount of alcohol ingested. Hangovers usually start several hours after you stop consuming alcohol.

People who drink too much alcohol frequently suffer from hangovers. 

According to one study, nearly 75% of participants who consumed the night significantly before experienced hangover symptoms. 

According to the findings, between 25% and 30% of persons who drink may be immune to hangovers.

Preventing Hangover

It’s all too simple and seamless for a few beers to become a few too many. But, regardless of what your friends or workmates are up to, you don’t have to drink as much as they are. 

Here are some suggestions for enjoying a few drinks without succumbing to the pressure to become entirely inebriated.

  • Define Your Boundaries

Decide how many drinks you’ll have before you start drinking, and stick to that number. 

Because everyone’s tolerance varies, pick a figure that works for you rather than your friends. 

You might want to consider how long you’re going to drive home from the place you are drinking. 

  • Don’t Drink Fast

You can avoid being inebriated by spacing out your drinks. Allow a set length of time between drinks and be sure that time has gone before ordering another. 

Have you recently purchased a delicious craft beer? Drink it more slowly to savor it. You’ll have more fun and get more bang for your buck this way. 

Drinking water or soft drinks such as juices between alcoholic beverages and gently drinking the alcoholic ones can also assist.

  • Say No For A Change

It’s difficult to resist peer pressure, but if you’ve had enough, politely decline when someone offers to buy you a drink. 

You can tell them you’re done for the time being and then shift the topic. It’s more vital to keep track of how much you’re drinking than it is to keep up with other people. 

It’s normal to be concerned that your friends may mock you for not drinking, but this is extremely rare. 

Most of your pals will not abandon you because you don’t drink as quickly as they do.

  • Focus on the NOW

Focus on the moment and the social event in front of you. 

If you are somewhere you want to be and with friends you care for, then focus on the venue and the people you are with, and make your time with them count. 

This is an opportunity for you to be fully present in your life, so relish in it.

  • Food And Water Are Your Allies

Again, have a glass of water or a soft drink for every alcoholic beverage, and remember that you don’t have to tell people it’s not alcoholic.

 If you’re going to drink, make sure you eat something. It aids in slowing the effects of alcohol and, presumably, is also tasty.

  • Have A Backup Plan

Get a friend to assist you in keeping track of how much you’re drinking and remind you to take it easy and not do stupid things. 

If all else fails, that friend can assist you in looking after yourself if you drink too much. Make a plan for where you’ll be spending that night before you start drinking. 

If you need to travel home soon, save aside money for a taxi or Uber.

  • Enjoy Yourself

Even if you don’t drink much, you can still have a great time. One of the best things about not getting drunk is that you’ll have fewer regrets the next day. 

Plus, you’ll prevent getting a hangover, which is always a plus! Concentrate on the people you’re talking to and the topic of conversation.

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Hangover Treatment

Rehydrating your body to assist you in dealing with the uncomfortable symptoms of a hangover is essential. 

Headaches and muscle cramps can be relieved with pain relievers. After a drinking session, the optimum time to rehydrate is before bed.

An antacid may be required in some circumstances to soothe your stomach first. Sugary foods may make you feel more relaxed. 

Bouillon soup is high in vitamins and minerals, which can help replenish depleted reserves. It’s also simple to digest for someone with a weak stomach.

Replace lost fluids with bland beverages that are easy on the digestive system, such as water, soda water, or isotonic drinks. 

More alcohol, or “hair of the dog,” isn’t going to help. Drinking first thing in the morning is a dangerous habit, and you might just be postponing the onset of symptoms until the extra alcohol wears off.

Doctors recommend that if you’ve been drinking heavily, you wait at least 48 hours before drinking again to allow your body to recuperate. 

You can have a good time without becoming wasted if you track how much alcohol is in your beverages and pace yourself correctly.

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