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Why We Drink Alcohol When We Don’t Want To

What is it about alcohol that keeps us coming back for more? More often than we would like to and then having more of it than we want to. What is it about it? Well, I’m going to answer that question. At some point in time most of us have been in a position where…

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How Do I Cut Down or Stop Drinking?

If you find yourself with an alcohol problem. The question that you may well find yourself asking is what do I do about it? It’s helpful to understand some of the background, ok so I am motivated, so that means I am a motivated drinker, alcohol is addictive, ok I get all that, so what…

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Alcohol: The Rise and Fall of Willpower

Willpower- and why it just does not work, when it comes to trying to stop drinking, stop smoking, stop overdoing all of those things that bring us down and bring us the misery in our life, the stresses and strains. Willpower just doesn’t work. As a highly motivated, high achieving, highly aspirational individual, you will…

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Alcohol and Stress: Discover Why Alcohol Increases Stress

Do you find yourself drinking to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety at the end of a busy day? You are by no means alone. It might surprise you to learn that alcohol causes stress, and it doesn’t relieve it at all! So how can that possibly be? There are several reasons for that. So,…

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Are You a High Achiever? Are You Also a Motivated Drinker?

I’m guessing that you are a highly motivated individual, that you are motivated to achieve, motivated to have and motivated to achieve the goal. In many circumstances and occasions, you have achieved, you have met your goals. Whatever they might be. It’s likely that almost all you’ve attempted, has worked extremely well for you. Maybe…

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How It All Started: When Does Alcohol Become a Problem?

How does alcohol become a problem for us in the first place? How do we fall into the alcohol trap? How do we become addicted? How does alcohol become a problem for us? How it all starts… It starts before we ever realise it…It starts before we ever know anything. It started for me, as…

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Midlife Crisis And Alcohol

Women in midlife face many challenges from hormone changes, weight gain, children leaving an empty next, ageing parent, career changes, divorce, and often thrown into the mix is a growing concern and an increasing alcohol problem. Midlife and A Growing Alcohol Problem At first an alcohol problem may not seem to be obvious because the…

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Signs of a High-Functioning Alcoholic

Have you ever wondered if your drinking is more than just a pleasant pass-time? Are you edging towards wondering if you are a high-functioning alcoholic? Let’s break that down for you. What do we mean by high functioning? I used to think that high functioning referred to people who are more intelligent, more capable, and…

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Can Alcohol Cause Stress?

If you find yourself reaching for a bottle or sighing with relief at a well-deserved glass of wine at the end of a stressful day, then you are not alone. Far more busy executives than you can imagine do the same thing, and many of them feel ashamed that they do. C-suite executives and busy…

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Alcohol, My Toxic Blackout Drinking, EX Best Friend

Alcohol, my toxic, blackout drinking, memory loss causing EX best friend had me conned for many years, into thinking it was an important part of my life, and that I didn’t have a drinking problem. I just liked a drink, and what was the harm in that?

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