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What is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is a term that encompasses the use of any substance that results in physical, psychological, and/or social harm. Many different types of substances can be abused, including prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine, and alcohol.

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Alcohol, My Toxic Blackout Drinking, EX Best Friend

Alcohol, my toxic, blackout drinking, memory loss causing EX best friend had me conned for many years, into thinking it was an important part of my life, and that I didn’t have a drinking problem. I just liked a drink, and what was the harm in that?

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Why Do We Drink Alcohol? Especially as It’s Poisonous

Why do we drink Alcohol? Can you remember the first time you tried alcohol? Maybe it was a glass of wine, a spirits or a beer. You may not have liked it at first even thinking the taste was disgusting but kept going, as it was the thing to do (peer pressure) and everyone around…

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Alcohol Addiction Among High Earning Professionals [Stats]

Why are so many high-profile professionals struggling with alcohol addiction As many as 1 in 20 UK GPs are dependent on alcohol, with half drinking at least twice a week ‘because of the NHS crisis.’   Doctors suffering with alcohol addiction are not only putting their own health at risk, but also the wellbeing of patients…

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Is Alcohol Addiction Affecting Your Work Productivity?

Is alcohol addiction affecting you and your organisations work productivity? Every day, millions of high flying successful, educated and competent career women across the globe have to cope with working not only in a high-end successful exec role (where it maybe a male dominated industry they work in and so feel the need to work…

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Drinking is Stressful [Proven]

Everybody has challenging times in their lives and everybody has situations that are stressful. Some people are better able to cope with life’s issues than others. Drinking is stressful, however well you cope with life stresses, drinking will only serve to increase your levels of stress.   Consider all the aspects in your life as…

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Is Alcohol Wrecking Your Relationships and Your Life?

If alcohol is causing your relationship problems, then I can totally relate, as I have been there too. Alcohol has caused me relationship problems, I have suffered blackouts and bouts of complete memory loss.  At times I embarrassed myself in front of family and friends with my drunken behaviour. At that point in my life, my addiction…

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The Honest Truth: Alcohol Trap Explained

Would you know if you were caught in the Alcohol trap? Alcohol addiction is a trap that we fall into. We don’t intend for it to happen and we rarely see it happening. Alcohol hijacks our brains and cons us into believing that it benefits us and that we need it. In this article I…

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Casual Drinkers: Control and Moderation

Do you class yourself as a casual drinker? The progress of alcohol addiction can take years, or decades, and sometimes it hovers on the edge for a lifetime. This does not mean that so-called ‘casual drinkers’ are not addicted. To a certain extent they are, and alcohol will be affecting their health in ways they…

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The Science Of Alcohol: Willpower, Stress and Cravings

The Science of Alcohol and Willpower Our conscious mind accounts for approximately 5% of the whole mind, with our subconscious mind accounting for a staggering 95%. That makes our subconscious mind a powerhouse, and it is the ruler of everything that we have ever learned and everything that we have learned to believe. All our…

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